by Stephen Garner

Musika has launched a Vacation Capsule, a seasonless assortment of luxury-level suiting, sportswear, cashmere, and footwear with a vacation mindset. Touching on every facet of a vacation with the exception of swimwear, the capsule offers pieces to be worn starting at breakfast, to casual dinner, and the spur of the moment business meeting. Key fabrications are silk, linen, and tropical wool; all super lightweight fabrics used intentionally for travel to warm-climate locations.

With Greece and Saint Barths in mind, the color combination of the capsule is inspired and references the colors displayed by the environment of these sought-after destinations. Air blue is reminiscent of the sky and what a perfect day looks like, free of clouds. The rust-orange seen in a perfect sunset, sand on the light tan beaches, and green in the deep ocean.

The introduction of a full range of cashmere pieces is a standout of the capsule, which was built off of the brand’s original cashmere sweater. The elevated loungewear allows for the pairing of the cashmere silk tank top and cashmere shorts to exude a level of rich dressing while providing high-level comfort.

Key details are the nontraditional twists added to the suiting. The drawstring and jogger pants allow for a relaxed feel, the zipper pocket details on the travel suits and blazers provide functionality to the man on the go to safely store their belongings and the belted suit jackets bring an aspect of versatility, allowing the option to be worn multiple ways.

The Musika Vacation Capsule is now available on