by Stephen Garner

Nahmias introducing its spring/summer 2022 menswear collection titled “Star Child.” With this collection, Nahmias founder and designer Doni Nahmias continues to story tell around his deep childhood memories and California roots, this season speaking more about how the past influences the future.

“I always wanted to be the best at everything I did, especially when it came to basketball,” said Nahmias. “That feeling of wanting something so bad and doing whatever you can to chase those dreams is what inspired this collection. Having big aspirations and making them happen – that’s a Star Child.  For me, this collection is a way to look back at the past and see how far I’ve come and where I know I can still go. The Star Child collection tells the story of what can happen when you can fully realize the drive to make your dreams a reality.”

For spring/summer 2022, Nahmias experimented with different colorways, treatments, and new custom fabric. The colors this season are inspired by the ocean and California landscapes, mixing shades of sandy beige and cream, rich blues, greys, and black with sea glass green and soft, sunset lavender tones. The new custom fabrics and treatments include an overlay print made using a basketball net that was cut, laid out piece-by-piece, and sprayed over with garment dye, a paisley herringbone fabric made using a flocking process to layer the paisley design on top of the herringbone pattern, various ombre dyeing techniques meant to capture the look of rolling tides and ocean water mixing with oil, and hand-painted watercolor illustrations reinterpreted into custom prints.

Key pieces from the collection include Italian silk overalls in both all-black and pearl colorways, a paisley herringbone short sleeve shirt and short set, an ombre coat and pant set – dyed to capture the effect of fabric darkening as it turns wet as one walks along the beach – a range of Italian knit sweaters and cashmere overshirt styles, a convertible cargo pant complete with hanging pockets, and a windbreaker jacket made from Korean silk with the brand’s signature “Summerland” motif printed on the back.

Graphics and motifs continue to play a strong role in Nahmias’ designs this season. In addition to the brand’s signature “Miracle Academy” and “Summerland” logos carried over from previous collections, the spring/summer 2022 collection also adds “Star Child” graphics to further the brand’s unfolding story.

The collection’s campaign was shot at Angel’s Gate Basketball Court – a court set on a seaside bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles County. Growing up, Doni Nahmias had a poster of Kobe Bryant, one of his biggest inspirations, playing at Angel’s Gate in his bedroom. The location blends together all things that Doni loves and is inspired by — from the California beach scenery to the basketball court.