How To Nail The Retail Experience In 60 Seconds

by MR Magazine Staff

I enter a store pretty much the same way I enter my kitchen. I know why I’m there, I tend to follow the same path to the refrigerator every time and if I don’t see what I want fairly quickly, I close it and leave. All in all, that takes about 60 seconds, which may be more than the average consumer gives a retailer upon entering a store or website. Those first few seconds can spell the difference between a long-term customer and zilch.The retail experience should register with the senses, including — sight, smell and sound. And the product should be in easy reach. (Why so many retailers continue to hang the large clothing on the bottom rack is a mystery on par with why hot dogs are sold in six-packs and buns in eight-packs.) I was curious to hear what real retailers and experts suggest. So I opened the question to all, from large marketing organizations to independent shop owners. Following are some of their responses, divided by in-store and online (with a bit of overlap). Read more at Forbes.