Nascar Style Looks A Lot Like Menswear In 2017

by MR Magazine Staff

At this weekend’s Nascar Monster Energy Cup Series Pocono 400, it was hard not to notice that all the guys working on the track, from the drivers to the pit crews, looked awesome. But it wasn’t awesome in the way that most men in job-specific gear (construction workers, motorcycle cops in Singapore, Batman) look awesome, it was awesome in the way in-the-know menswear editors might look in Fashion Week street-style snaps. There were the allover-logo jackets, side-stripe trousers, and primary-color combinations that we’d just as easily expect to see pop up on a Versace runway and in line with a slew of menswear trends we’ve been closely watching (one of Nascar’s most iconic symbols—the checkered flag—is already this summer’s essential pattern). All of which made us realize: Nascar is the new go-to inspiration source in menswear. Fashion designers turning to the world of sports for inspiration is hardly a new concept. Geoffrey Beene’s sequined jersey dresses from the late ’60s were an homage to football uniforms (as were Tom Ford’s riffs on them in 2014). Former Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci often took inspiration from basketball silhouettes and motifs for his menswear collections. Skateboarding staples are everywhere in 2017, and athleisure—the ultimate trickle down of professional performance wear—is still holding strong. And Nascar is jam-packed with the kinds of things fashion designers can riff on for years—and have been already. Read more at GQ.