by John Russel Jones

Nautica has unveiled a digital content series created in partnership with strategic multicultural marketing agency Nimbus. The AM to PM campaign is dedicated to “the creators, the outliers, and the visionaries.” The style series depicts a day in the life of Atlanta, Georgia-based creators and cultural visionaries wearing archive-inspired Nautica looks as they go from morning to night and work to play. The concept for the series was created to inspire others through actions rather than words.

Visuals for the content series were shot by Atlanta-born Kendall Bessent, a photographer best known for exploring Black emotion through his creative lens. Justin Leary was tapped to lead styling of the talent for the series and with ensuring the creative vision was executed. AM to PMhighlights some of Atlanta’s culture connectors from the fashion, music, and community building spaces. The campaign will feature individuals who effortlessly weave together their own bold personal style with an always on, AM to PM mentality.

Creative Director Fani

Newly released Nautica product from the Spring 2022 collection is worn throughout the series by streetwear maven and creative director, Fani; Atlanta based DJ Ohso; Cultural influencer Flocka and co-founder of record label LVRN Justice Baiden (picture at top of story).

“Our partnership with Nautica is rooted in intentionality, which is a key differentiator for us as a multicultural agency. It speaks to the authenticity, representation, and creativity inherent within the series,” says Dr. Dawn Wade, Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer at NIMBUS. “As Nautica seeks to attract a younger and diverse audience, NIMBUS tapped into the talent and the creative eye of that audience, which resulted in our intentional efforts to work with a diverse team of professionals throughout the project.”

The content will be released across Nautica’s social channels throughout the month of March. Pieces from this style series are available to shop now on