Neckwear Notes: Armstrong & Wilson

by Harry Sheff

Armstrong & Wilson, which started as a pocket square collection a few years ago, continues to make fresh, tasteful accessories. It’s funny to think that it’s only recently that founders Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson have begun to talk about using silk—up until this point they’ve worked with almost everything but silk for their pocket squares and ties.

Clifton Wilson and Ontario Armstrong
Clifton Wilson and Ontario Armstrong

What I like most about this collection is that the ties and pocket squares are full of details, but they stay sartorial, not gimmicky. Pocket squares ($55 to $110) always come with a button. Ties ($110 to $127) have grosgrain neckbands and contrasting tails. And of course there’s a button on every self-loop.

Armstrong and Wilson pocket squares

Armstrong and Wilson ties

The duo has updated their tie widths: moving from 2.5 inches to three, they say, will help them capture both the skinny tie guy and the more traditional guy.

For spring 2014 they’ll be working with more florals but what caught my eye back at the July shows in New York was their colorful Ikat patterns.

Armstrong and Wilson florals

Armstrong and Wilson ikat