Neckwear Notes: Project Las Vegas

by Harry Sheff

It wasn’t long ago that the Project Las Vegas trade show didn’t have any neckwear. These days, there are plenty of ties in greater collections, and even a few dedicated tie lines.

One of them is Dibi Neckwear, which I profiled back in February. Since then, designer Daniel Bruce has added two new lines to his existing opening price line. “I’m inching my way into all price points,” Bruce said.

One is a made in USA line, retailing for $95 (four-in-hand) and $81 (bow ties), pictured above. Bruce has them made in a Chicago factory. Pictured below is camouflage tie made from a flame retardant fabric.

Bruce is also launching an Italian-made line called Daniel Bruce, which will consist of some silk prints. The Daniel Bruce line will be sold with a matching pocket square for $200 retail.

All of Bruce’s lines support his charity, which give school supplies to needy school districts. So far this year Bruce has given to schools in the Philippines, South Carolina, Chicago and Tucson.

Ivy Prepster, a relative newcomer to the neckwear business, launched with a collection of cotton knit ties. When the brand quickly signed some great independent retailers, like Brooklyn Circus, it was clear that Ivy Prepster was filling a need in the market. Currently, Japan makes up about 40 percent of the brand’s business.

As much as they’ve tried, Ivy Prepster’s creators, Todd Tesoro and John Tesoro, haven’t been able to find a US manufacturer that can match the quality and complexity of their Asian factory. The newer bow tie and pocket square collection, however, is made in New York. Bow ties retail for between $80 and $85 and include a couple of knits.

Pocket squares ($35 retail), are pictured above with some of the knit four-in-hand ties ($75 retail). Ivy Prepster has also added some tie bars ($28 retail) and handmade lapel pins ($28 retail).