New Data Shows Impact Of Emotion In Experience-Based Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

Experience-based retail isn’t a new idea in 2019. In fact, companies are building entire business models around the concept. Take SHOWFIELDS, for example, which pivots on the idea that customers need more than a standard in-person shopping experience. Offering Instagrammable photo opportunities, events, workshops, and more, it leans fully into the idea that experiences are the secret to consumer attention and buy-in. But adoption of experiential retail hasn’t yet hit the mass market. In fact, PSFK’s 2018 report on the future of retail found that only 55% of C-suite retail leaders plan to invest part of their marketing dollars into building out experiences within retail stores through 2020. Go into an average retail store today and you’ll see that data in action: overall, not much as changed. Read more at Forbes.