by Brian Lipton
Fourlaps, a new line of mid-priced athletic wear, will debut its inaugural collection online on August 1. The initial fall 2016 collection consists of shorts, t-shirts, hats, joggers and hoodies, all bearing the company’s logo, and featuring such signature details as color blocks and inside zipper pockets. Retail prices will range from $29.50 to $59.50.

The line is the brainchild of Old Navy veteran Daniel Shapiro, who saw a niche in the market for a line that includes technical elements and functionality, but at a lower price point than many of the current “athleisure” brands. “I think it’s so important to be comfortable while working out, but I also wanted the styling to be simple and elegant,” he said.

Still, Shapiro made sure technical elements, such as XT2 (which uses the power of silver to eliminate odor), were incorporated into certain pieces. “I tested a lot of technologies before creating line, because I know how important things like four-way stretch and moisture wicking are to the market, as well as myself. And ultimately, many of these technical aspects really serve an important purpose. You need a t-shirt that doesn’t smell after you work out in it, since you may go out afterwards.”

After months of hard work, Shapiro is excited that the public will finally get a chance to wear his creations. “I’ve gotten a lot very positive feedback from the people I’ve shown it too,” he says. “People tell me that they find it refreshing.”