by Stephen Garner

The July menswear trade shows in New York have been rescheduled.

The move was announced this morning in a letter from Nan Walsh, the president of fashion at Informa Markets, the parent company of Project. Now, the company’s upcoming men’s Project New York show, scheduled for July 19-21, will move to September along with Informa’s Children’s Club show, originally to take places August 2-4. Both shows will run in conjunction with the Coterie, Moda, and Fame shows on September 22-24 at the Javits Center.

Liberty Fairs and Man NYC have also agreed to move their July dates to coincide with Project.

“We are hopeful that these expanded marketplaces and collaborations with our partners are allowing us to better serve you,” wrote Walsh. “With the Javits Center being transformed into a one-stop-shop for brands and retailers during our event, and the industry-wide decision to have September in New York be the central hub for the fashion community this year, we are adapting as a community to meet the needs of our customers and partners.”


  1. Mens’ Show date of September 22 to 24: do those late dates allow manufactures enough time to make and deliver spring 2021 in a timely fashion? The dates seem challenging especially give the confusion of fall manufacturing and large inventories of current spring 2020. I am in the dark on this and any reply would be appreciated.
    Jim Knight

    1. I personally think that is all have to do on when most stores will re open. Consider that 85% of the goods were delivered for spring and the timing of the closure did not allow most stores to sell any of the new merchandise. In regards to the made in Italy product the timing of production will be off quite a bit and unless orders are placed at the time of the showing it will be very difficult to deliver when clients will need it. Also keep in mind that on a good summer show the attendente has been usually quite slow and considering what’s going on in NY I don’t think many buyers will want to take a trip at this time if they do the appetite will be very low. Trade show including Pitti should be postponed to January 2021, there are too many unanswered questions that must be fulfilled before you can go back to business as usual.

  2. September is now the perfect timing for Men’s Spring market. It’s a realistic time for buyers and closer to the vest for them to buy goods for their needs. Men’s and women’s market are now closely aligned in timing. Looking forward to seeing how the new dates shake out. Could be the “New Normal” for show dates!
    Stay safe, stay well, stay healthy and as the song goes……
    “Stayin Alive” – The Bee Gees.

  3. While this new period in our history requires ingenuity and creative solutions, I am wondering if anyone has considered how this will work for the stores? The one saving grace for those of us buying for both women and men, is that the markets have always occurred on slightly different dates. What thought been given to all of those independent stores that sell both women’s & men’s apparel? I have faith that we can count on some of our committed and resourceful vendors to extend their market timing beyond these show dates, so that we have adequate time for thorough appointments.
    As a women’s buyer who attends all three days of Coterie, mixed among 5-7 days for women’s showroom appointments; how might I also work 5-6 days in men’s market, simultaneously?
    I know of at least 15 other specialty stores, that will face this same issue. Other stores that have separate buying teams for mens and women’s will be required to have their entire team out of their store(s) and in market at the same time? As business owners, we work to avoid this so that we can better serve our store team, and our clients. Please clarify how the show and market calendar can accommodate those of us without clones to work both markets at the same time?

  4. A great solution for the Menswear show. Our store buys for both the men’s and woman’s markets, and this will save money on travel by combining both shows into one trip. I appreciate the early decision, which also allows us to plan accordingly. Good luck to all of us!

  5. I respectfully appreciate your kind replies but my question was perhaps not worded properly, and it was really addressed to the brand/manufactures.
    If show dates are end of September and it takes 4 weeks for orders to be placed, how can production in foreign countries meet spring delivery dates?

    1. Jim you would not have the time to wait 4 weeks after the show to place your orders with the factory. Lead times are normally 4 months however, there is Chinese New Year to consider and that delays production a month due to all workers being off. If you are a manufacture, you would have to pre book orders much sooner which puts us in a place where we have to decide what we are cutting before we know what people are ordering.

      1. Thanks Allison, your response is am eye opener for me. Sounds very risky what ever path you choose.. Regards, Jim Knight

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