New York Times Debuts Men’s Style Section

by Harry Sheff

The New York Times launched its new Men’s Style section in print and online today with 13 features and 30 advertisers. The section, which is led by Men’s Style editor Jim Windolf, will cover men’s fashion, luxury goods, travel, grooming, watches and technology on the first Friday of each month.

New York Times debut Men's Style SectionIn the cover story, A New Freedom in Men’s Suits, Matthew Schneier looks at the relatively recent renaissance in men’s tailored clothing, accompanied by a slide show with suits modeled by two twisting and leaping New York City Ballet dancers.

The Times announced the new section in January. It’s a response to a rapidly changing market — menswear sales are growing faster than both women’s wear in general and electronics on the web — and an audience of men who are curious and educated about style.

“The men’s fashion industry has grown enormously and our readers, of whom more than 50 percent are men, have a huge appetite for fashion coverage,” said Styles editor Stuart Emmrich in January.