by John Russel Jones

New York’s Best Menswear Show will return to the Park Central Hotel, 870 7th Avenue, from Sunday, July 14 to Tuesday, July 16, for its 24th season. This year, the show will be on two floors: the sixth floor for the traditional hotel room format and the second for an open booth area.

Don Wechsler, who has been organizing the show since 2010, says, “The biggest thing we do for vendors—after providing a cost effective venue—is to help them make appointments, including sharing those that have been made so we all know who is attending. We also do constant email blasts to our attendee list to highlight the brands that are at the show. Plus, we will have evening cocktails for the perfect way to wind down the day with clients and friends.”

New brands at the show this season include Buttercloth, backed by Robert Herjavec after a successful visit to Shark Tank repped by industry veteran Vince Gonzales. Tailors of Hong Kong, a custom tailoring source built on 20 years of bespoke tailoring has also just joined.

For an up-to-date brand list, see the listing on the show’s website, here.