How The Next U.S. President Could Shape Retail’s Future

by MR Magazine Staff

As the candidates for president of the United States emerge from the second of three debates, retailers are getting a taste for how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton plan to run the economy — and the differences are stark. While voters begin to send in early votes, retailers are already seeing the side effects: Analysts say the candidates’ volatile rhetoric has made the election a bigger-than-usual distraction for consumers this holiday season. But at the end of the day, experts agree people are still going to spend money this holiday season, with the NRF predicting 3.6% growth in retail sales during November and December. What could have a longer term impact on retail are the respective policies of each presidential candidate. Trump and Clinton’s differing stances on three policy issues critical to retail — trade, tax reform, and labor — could help define the future of the sector, depending on which way the electorate votes. Read more at Retail Dive.