Nike Is The Most Valuable Clothing Brand On Earth

by MR Magazine Staff

Nike has been on an incredible streak in the past few years. The sneaker giant continues to smash its own sales records as it turns out great performance products and rides a wave of people adopting gym wear as everyday fashion. The Nike image, as synonymous with cool as ever, is benefiting. In Forbes’ new list of the world’s most valuable brands, meaning those that “generate significant earnings in industries where branding plays a major role,” Nike sits atop the apparel category with a brand value of $27.5 billion. As Esquire points out, that makes Nike the most valuable clothing brand overall, taking the top spot from Louis Vuitton, which saw its brand value decline slightly to $27.3 billion. A year ago, Nike took the fashion crown in a similar tally by advertising firm Millward Brown. Read more at Quartz.