Nike’s Move To Zero Should Be Lauded, But We All Need To Do More

The relationship between sustainability and the fashion industry is today’s biggest and most important Catch-22. To save the planet, we need to stop producing new clothes and sneakers – we already have more than enough. Because a sudden shutdown of production isn’t economically realistic, sportswear and fashion companies have begun producing more environmentally-conscious products. Nike, with its Move to Zero campaign, is a company that has been more vocal than most about its pledge to reduce its carbon footprint. “One of Nike’s mottos is that there is no finish line,” Nike chief sustainability officer Noel Kinder says after a digital Move to Zero panel talk in late September. “I think that’s especially true in sustainability. You’re never going to reach perfection, or even zero.” So why start a race that you know you’ll never finish, let alone win? Because manufacturing and consumption aren’t going to stop, so the progress you make along the way by offering consumers better alternatives is our most realistic way forward. Read more at Highsnobiety.