by John Russel Jones

Canadian luxury outerwear brand Nobis has launched Next by Nobis, a peer-to-peer resale program that offers North American shoppers the ability to resell their Nobis products through an authenticated process, extending the life of their jackets while consciously decreasing their environmental impact.

Next by Nobis was created to bring added value to the brand’s loyal customers by extending the life cycle of its products while reducing carbon footprint. In partnership with Recurate, a branded resale technology company, this program will grant consumers access to pre-owned products at a discounted rate with the assurance of knowing their purchase is authentic.

Images provided by Nobis.

“Nobis has long been committed to creating durable, high-quality performance outerwear that will take our consumer from season to season and will stand the test of time,” says Robin Yates of Nobis. “To complement the technical decisions we make, including the use of high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and timeless style, it only felt natural for us to take it a step further to extend the lifespan of our products by creating Next by Nobis.”

The peer-to-peer platform allows sellers to post their jackets for resale by creating an account and posting a listing with images and details on the product’s condition. The pricing of each item is decided based on the condition, helping bring Nobis to new customers who may not want to pay full retail price, or for those seeking original styles. The seller ships the product directly to the purchasing customer in order to streamline the process.

Images provided by Nobis.

“Our partnership with Recurate is our latest sustainability initiative within our framework of long-term goals,” said Elina Nurkka, Nobis’s Director of Research, Innovation and Sustainability. “We are excited to be the first Canadian outerwear brand to bring a peer-to-peer resale program to the market and offer our customers a choice to make more sustainable choices by shopping our Next by Nobis program.”

Next by Nobis allows the seller to control how they receive payment, with a choice of receiving 100% of the sale price as a credit to shop Nobis in-store or online or having the option to opt for 70% of the selling price in cash value. Customers will be able to access the platform via the company website

This announcement supports Nobis’ sustainability efforts and furthers its commitment to purposefully designing and manufacturing products to reduce the environmental footprint during customer use and at the end of use, focusing on product longevity and durability, product care, product reuse, and recycling.


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