by Stephen Garner

Timed to coincide with Climate Change Week (September 23-29, 2019), Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Noon Goons has launched Planet Protection, an awareness program meant to educate consumers about their impact on Mother Nature.

Through a series of limited-edition product releases under the name Noon Goons Planet Protection, the brand plans to use 100 percent of the proceeds to implement new shipping processes which can otherwise be costly for young designers (and the reason most don’t do them).

“In our [fashion] industry, it has become normal to use single-use poly bags to wrap each individual garment when shipping bulk orders,” said Kurt Narmore, founder of Noon Goons. “This plastic wrap is almost always thoughtlessly discarded—clogging landfills, increasing CO2 emissions, and most notably, ending up on our local beaches and mountains.”

With the release of the first t-shirt in this series, Narmore aims to fully make a switch to 100 percent biodegradable poly bags for his entire collection—bags that can decompose in landfills in less than one year, versus the 500+ years it takes for current industry-standard poly bags.

The t-shirt, available in white, black, pink, or mint, features a hand-drawn logo graphic and will be sold for $59 online at Noon Goons and Mr. Porter, as well as Dover Street Market and Beams Japan. Additionally, a fifth t-shirt in blue will be available exclusively at The Face Apartment in New York, located at 9 Bleecker Street, for three weeks.

With Planet Protection, Narmore aims to not only reduce his own carbon and ecological footprint but create a call to action for other brands and local communities by organizing local activations including beach and city block clean-ups, along with mountain restoration, particularly in areas of state parks with high tourism traffic.