Nordstrom And Whole Foods Offer Alcohol To Their Customers. Is This Retail Genius Or A Public Health Problem?

Walk past the $2,500 studded Saint Laurent boots and $995 Versace sneakers at Nordstrom’s newly minted flagship store, and you’ll end up at its most buzzed-about attraction: the full bar. Shoe Bar, as it’s aptly called, specializes in $17 cocktails with names like Billionaire and Husband Daycare. It sells wine by the glass, half a dozen craft beers, and plates of chicken wings and meatballs. And by 4 p.m. most days, it’s packed. “What better experience is there? It is the most fabulous thing,” said Kathy Miller, 70, of Carefree, Ariz., who recently stopped in for a couple of whiskey sours — and Aquatalia boots. Her friend, Lora Laukitis, 67, was shopping for sneakers. But first: a double shot of tequila. “To attract shoppers these days, you have to do something different and fun,” Miller said. “And, of course, the more you drink, the more you spend.” Read more at The Washington Post.