NRF: 98% Of Gen Z Shop In Stores ‘Some Or Most Of The Time’

by MR Magazine Staff

Members of “Generation Z” are just now building relationship with brands and, while they’re keen on age-old fundamentals like price, availability and convenience, they look for tech to help meet their expectations, according to the third report on the demographic from the National Retail Federation and IBM’s Institute for Business Value, released Wednesday. Nearly half (47%) use their phones while in a store, mostly to price check, but also to contact family and friends for advice, by sharing photos of something they might buy, for example. Although they are the first generation born into a world dominated by smartphones, 98% said they buy in a store “some or most of the time.” In fact, three times as many Gen Zers said they shop mostly in stores, compared to those shopping mostly online. But they want all channels open — for 51% it’s “important or very important” to easily​ switch among channels when researching, browsing or shopping. And they want to enjoy themselves — 56% say a fun in-store experience influences where they shop. Gen Zers are leery of sharing data — 54% want control over what information they share. Trust can be gained, though: 61% also said they’d feel comfortable sharing more information if they knew data is protected and securely stored. And tech must be more than bells and whistles — Gen Zers prefer technology that empowers them and adds direct value, like allowing them to check inventory. Read more at Retail Dive.