NY Market: Retail Recap

by Elise Diamantini

We asked three specialty store buyers what they loved, what they’re over and what they’re still looking for.

Chord Bezerra, Universal Gear

New York, Washington D.C.

Better in Blue

What were the standouts at New York market?
There were some great color stories this season. I thought last year’s concentration on pastels was a little much. Washed-out colors are a hard sell for guys, so I was happy to see this year’s more saturated palette because they’re bold but salable. I also really liked the new denim line Better in Blue. They showed some of the best washes and treatments that I’ve seen in a long time. Combine that with sharp, mid-premium price points and it might have given a more jaded buyer hope for a new denim brand.

What trends are you over?
Camo! For the love of all that is decent… give it a rest.

What do you hope to find in Chicago and/or Las Vegas?
Air conditioning! For everything else I just keep an open mind.

Melissa Austria, GotStyle

Toronto, Canada

Dapper Men at MRket photo credit: TSBmen.com

What were the standouts at New York market?
I loved all the dapper dressed men at the MRket show! It’s nice to see guys dress up like sophisticated men and not hipster lumberjacks. Over all I found some great accessories (umbrellas, men’s jewelry) and a few niche lines (don’t want to name them yet!). I’m obsessed with lounge-inspired sportswear, as I think all guys need to give their old track pants the boot.

What trends are you over?
I’m over heritage, plaid and expensive denim.

What do you hope to find in Chicago and/or Las Vegas?
I’m going to the Chicago show for the first time and am very excited! I love the idea of having every thing under one roof and not having to race from venue to venue. I’m not looking for any brand replacements, but interesting items to round out my assortment with interesting items that I might be missing.

Gary Ritacco, Uniform

Boston, Mass.


What were the standouts at New York market?
I was very impressed with the Shipley & Halmos Athletics diffusion line at Capsule. It was just what I was looking for because the trend I am digging on for spring is…athletic!

What trends are you over?
I’m kind of over floral prints but I’m suckering myself into buying some pieces for spring. It’s still such a huge trend in Europe that will most likely trickle down.

Nike Flyknit

Gabriel Ricioppo, Need Supply

Richmond, Va.

What were the standouts at New York market?
Lots of Nike Flyknits. Some brands are starting to use new, interesting materials. You can see the departure from the heritage fabrics.

What trends are you over?
I’ve never been into period dress. I really like classics. One trend I’m liking is this cloud print – it’s sort of like a washed-out blue that I saw all over men’s market week.