NYC Tailor Defies State Order: ‘I’m Opening My Doors Come Hell Or High Water’

One defiant NYC business owner — who’s been deemed “non-essential” during the pandemic — has a message to New York: “I’m opening my doors come hell or high water.” Eliot Rabin, whose Upper East Side boutique, Peter Elliot, is known for high-end men’s and boys apparel, refuses to follow a state order closing retail business not considered essential. He insists that his $85 pocket squares and $15,000 suits are part of the fabric of New York City: “Why is a liquor store essential and I’m not?” Rabin told The Post. He admitted that many of the customers who can afford his wares have fled the city for vacation homes, but he’s here to provide “emotional essential support” for the ones still in town. The retailer is also offering them what he jokingly calls “internal vaccinations: Chivas Regal, Kentucky bourbon — have a nip and you’ll feel better.” Read more at New York Post.

2 Replies to “NYC Tailor Defies State Order: ‘I’m Opening My Doors Come Hell Or High Water’”

  1. Dear Elliot and Isabelle, wishing you both all the best. Keep strong, tough and continue what you believe in. Knowing your hearts and passions are locked in your beautiful shoppe. You bring sunshine and normalcy at a much needed time.
    Stay safe and well!

  2. I’ve already told my customers that L.A. MALE Fine Men’s Clothing will be
    there for them if they need a $5. pocket square or $200 suit. Its all relative!!

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