by William Buckley


Certainly the presentation with the most impressive production, Greg Lauren transformed the Artbeam studio space into some sort of Victorian social club-cum-gymnasium, complete with various vignettes exploring the “hero” archetype. There were ‘dandies’ sat at boot polish stands, Tyson Beckford in a Superman stance complete with cape, and a full-sized boxing ring in the center of the space where two models sparred throughout.

Lauren’s use of vintage fabrics and deconstructed vintage clothing was obvious throughout, whether in a onesie, a three piece suit or hoodies and sweatpants, all exceptional. His background as an artist was profoundly clear in both the artistic presentation of the season’s specific inspirations and Lauren’s own philosophies, and his skill and deep understanding of menswear and its history was represented expertly in the collection, which was probably his strongest collection to date, like some fantastic love child of Rick Owens and Sartorial Sensibility.

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