by William Buckley


There has been lots of talk of Todd Synder being the next greatest American designer, poised to join Ralph, Tommy and Calvin. And there is good reason. His clothes are consistently strong, he has built a brand that people recognize and trust, with a healthy influx of 11 million from new owners American Eagle Outfitters, successful collaborations with brands including Champion and Cole Haan, and licensing agreements with Peerless and PVH.

New stores across Asia are also indicative of Snyders global aspirations, and his global appeal, and it would be fair to say that this recent collection is as strong as any of those aforementioned three. There are other American designers who could contend creatively, and that’s by no means to say that they would win that battle, but Snyder’s indelible steps towards achieving that goal are what sets him ahead, with a keen sense of business that could certainly see him ascend to a position in that exclusive pantheon.

There was much of the understated elegance about his collection, that ‘sprezzatura’ he talks about, but some statement pieces like a bright high-vis orange parka with coyote ruff and teddybear-esq furry overcoat brought the collection to life.

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