Off-White Is The Hottest Brand In The World

by MR Magazine Staff

Anyone who’s spent time trying to buy hyped sneakers, paying attention to the outfits worn by famous people, and scrolling through the feeds of Instagram influencers over the last few years could feel it, but now there’s data to prove it: Off-White is the hottest fashion brand in the world. That’s according to Lyst, which bills itself as a “global fashion search engine” (where shoppers can search a wide variety of stores at once) and saw searches for the Virgil-Abloh-fronted brand rise 14 percent over the past quarter. Lyst’s new rankings provide yet another opportunity to reflect on Abloh’s recent unfathomable run. A year ago, according to Lyst, Off-White was the 34th-ranked brand on this list. It feels like Abloh’s been pontificating on post-modern art and putting anything in quotes for…ever, but he really caught fire around this time in 2017. Consider that “The Ten,” Nike’s collaboration with Abloh, was only announced in August of 2017. Eight months ago, Virgil Abloh was still just the designer of Off-White who moonlighted as a DJ; now he’s the men’s designer for Louis Vuitton (who also moonlights as a DJ). Read more at GQ.