by Stephen Garner

Off-White has released a preview of its pre-spring 2020 menswear collection. Dubbed “Rationalism”, the collection finds influence from the city of Rotterdam’s modern architecture.

The collection consists of a vast array of activewear garments and tailored looks, ranging from cycling tops and leggings to swimwear – all consisting of functional performance fabrics for active and mountain wear, influenced by Rotterdam’s Dutch mountains. A bright orange hoodie and sweatpants are paired with a formal yet functional button-down trench – intertwining both a tailored, formal piece with performance wear for a casual, yet luxurious look. Jacquard cool wool Italian suiting is paired with a neon bright hoodie and workwear gloves for a unique equipment concept. Knits are paired with bright graphic mesh denim – with a wearable water bottle for added functionality.

Artisanal hand finished denim is a key element in the “Rationalism” collection – workwear utility jackets paired with coordinating cargo denim cargo pants range from a warm green, bleach wash and grey.  Split leg flares are paired with bright flannel hoodies and varsity jackets. Another recherché look is blue tie dye wide leg denim paired with a black oversized tee with a neon yellow embroidered logo across the chest – embodying both movement and modernity.


Lightweight nylon tracksuits range from white, black and neon yellow with reflective detailing. Details such as vests and armbands complement each individual tracksuit – offering a distinct look to wear from the gym to the street. A bright orange, leather trench is paired with color-blocked cycling pants for the same effect of functional performance wear.

Odsy-1000 sneakers are a staple in the collection, ranging in bold colors to neutral white and black. The concept of the shoe is a modernized hiking boot meshed with a sneaker, again, embracing movement and the Dutch mountains in “the now” with streetwear elements in mind.  Black patent leather lace-up oxfords are paired with a sleek black performance wear set with several zippered pockets and neon yellow fanny pack. 

The collection is a display of functional modern activewear with the essence of both Rotterdam’s architecture and geography – the lookbook was shot inside and around the Kunsthal Museum by Francesco Nazardo further embracing this concept.



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  2. Love the orange raincoat and the blue one also. Where are they to be sold in NYC

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