by Stephen Garner

Italian goldsmith company Chrysos SpA has received the first RJC certification in the world for ethical silver.

After previously receiving the RJC certification for gold on June 20, 2019, Chrysos SpA, the parent company of Officina Bernardi, has now received an additional certification for ethical silver. This international accomplishment marks a tremendous growth for the company, as 2019 is closing with an increased turnover from the previous year.

Since Chrysos SpA was founded in 1987, owners Carlo and Francesco Bernardi, have strived to maintain high standards of responsible behavior, at every stage of the production chain. They have actively involved workers and suppliers in the diligent effort to adhere to the ethical principles of respect and sustainability. Thanks to the implementation of ethical practices adopted in their corporate policies, Chrysos SpA was able to expand its list of ethical achievements with this new sustainable silver certification.

RJC, the acronym for Responsible Jewellery Council, is a non-profit organization that defines the international standards in regards to the certification of ethical and responsible behaviors throughout the production chain of fine jewelry, from the extraction of raw materials to selling the final product. Through RJC certifications, companies have the opportunity to increase their organization’s reputation and gain confidence from their consumers. By conforming to a set of ethical standards that operate with respect to human rights, companies can help to protect the environment and adhere to proper managerial practices.

To obtain this certification, Chrysos SpA has been subjected to an audit, which has certified the full compliance of the company with the numerous requirements set by RJC’s standards as well as the presence of a management system that guarantees full conformity.