On The Plus Side: Men’s Fashion Gets Extra

While womenswear has reached more balanced body-typing on the catwalk, the men’s modelling industry is still lagging behind. Samuel Fishwick meets James Corbin and the men set to change it all.

Oh, James Corbin. The 23-year-old boy from Brixton, a rising star in men’s modelling with a disarmingly cherubic mien and the kind of big, beautiful eyes that strike you like deep pools of joy and wisdom, is without doubt the most beautiful person I’ve ever met in real life — even if I found myself singing his name to the Jeremy Corbyn x Seven Nation Army mash-up. Perhaps it is all that revolutionary zeal: at 6ft 1in, with a pout that could launch an Ancient Greek armada, young Corbin is making waves as one of the few — indeed, only — plus-size male models in the luxury fashion game. ‘I genuinely want change,’ says Corbin, sitting at home in Kensal Rise. ‘I just want to have the full experience that a normal model would get and I feel like I deserve that. Plus-size people deserve that and we don’t deserve to feel that we’ve been robbed of those experiences. I really want to enjoy what I do because I love it.’ It’s about damn time.  Read more at Evening Standard.