How One Of The Most Iconic Sneakers In History Almost Didn’t Happen

by MR Magazine Staff

In 1984, right after the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, the last thing that Michael Jordan wanted to do was meet with Nike. The sneaker company had seen its first-ever sales dip since its creation, and despite a morale boost from the Olympics, it needed new blood and more excitement. Nike needed Michael Jordan. But he wasn’t interested. Jordan had spent his college career playing in Converse, but he really wanted to sign with Adidas. The German brand’s shoes offered a low profile with a thinner sole that helped him “feel the court.” That tactile response was crucial to his gameplay, and Nike couldn’t offer it to him. At least that’s what he said at the time. Later, when he sat down at Nike headquarters in Beaverton after being forced by his parents to make the trip, he would admit that had never put a pair of Nikes on his feet. Ever. Read more at Esquire.