One Of Kansas City’s Oldest Retail Shopping Areas Celebrates Turning 100 Years Old

One of Kansas City’s oldest retail shopping areas is turning 100 years old. The Crestwood Shops are using the special day to help the KC Pet Project. Stacie Robertson owns the tea market near 55th and Crestwood. “The first time I saw Crestwood I absolutely fell in love with it,” Robertson said. The Crestwood shops are older than Kansas City staples like the Country Club Plaza shopping district. “This is one of the places in Kansas City where you can see a set of buildings and they’re doing the same thing they’ve done for now 100 years,” Historian Bill Worley said. In 1921 the Crestwood area was on the edge of town. Land developers wanted to find a way to get people living further out along the city’s streetcar route. The Crestwood shops were ultimately the solution to developers’ problems. Read more at KMBC News.