aztech mountain
by Stephen Garner

ones to watch aztech mountainaztech mountainFounded in 2013 by David Roth and Anthony Rutgers, Aztech Mountain is a performance sportswear company rooted in skiing. Inspired by a lifetime of pursuing alpine activities, the brand’s founders focused on refined cuts and effortless fits that provide advanced comfort and serve the wearer’s utilitarian needs.

“Since both of us are constantly traveling between Manhattan and Aspen, we really wanted to develop a line that could serve us well in both distinct environments,” says Rutgers. “Our product is great for a typical New York City winter day or a ski day in Aspen, and retailers have really caught on. We have grown to over 30 points of sale for the fall 2016 season, and we’re looking to add more for this coming fall.”

Highlights from the collection include the Nuke Suit, the brand’s original down-filled waterproof jacket ideal for skiing, and its Shadow Mountain Parka, a longer length down jacket that serves more of the brand’s metropolitan markets. Retail price points for the brand’s outerwear sit between $900 and $1,350, while a brushed cotton shirt retails for $250.

Value aside, what keeps customers coming back is the brand’s attention to detail. “What sets us apart from our competitors is definitely our very strong level of details,” adds Rutgers. “Even little ones, like our bonded nylon pockets or the trims on our polos, are important to us. Both David and I believe that these details can create little moments of surprise that help to create an emotional connection between us and our customers, which is what any brand would want.”