by Stephen Garner

Originating in Melbourne, Australia, Crumpler gained popularity in the mid-90s with its bags and logo reflecting a 90s aesthetic: bright colors, clever designs, and robust quality.

In 2018, the company decided to update its visual identity in a way that would not offend those emotionally attached to 90s nostalgia. The goal: revitalize the brand’s image to keep up with the times.

Today, Crumpler sells its bags and accessories globally with 30 standalone stores in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany. It’s also sold on leading online and wholesale channels throughout the world.

This season, the brand is focusing on its North American growth by showing at the Project show in Las Vegas. “Our strategy this year is to move into the leading department stores and replicate the success we’ve had in these type stores in Australia and Asia,” says Adam Wilkinson, CEO.

“We’re looking to expand on the success of our work and travel, and will be releasing two new collections in August,” adds Wilkinson. “We’re currently signing up new distributors to represent the brand in Japan and Hong Kong which will further solidify our presence in Asia and will provide our loyal customer base in these markets the ability to purchase our products locally.”