MAGILL Los Angeles
by Brian Lipton

MAGILL Los AngelesTodd Magill’s sportswear line, MAGILL Los Angeles, may have seemingly sprung up out of nowhere last year, but the truth is this small, curated collection of all-American shirts and accessories was really decades in the making.

“I studied at FIT, and then I spent over 20 years designing for companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, and then Jack Spade, where I spent five years as its design director,” says Magill. “After I left that job, I decided to take a year off from work and came back to Los Angeles, where I had lived for a few years, to chill out and think about what I wanted to do next. I realized I still wanted to design, just not for another big company. Eventually, some friends from Jack Spade hooked me up with The Mott House, a major showroom on Tokyo, and I decided to small collection of rugby shirts – lots of solids and stripes – that I thought would be trendy. And they went over very well.”

With that first collection under his belt, Magill decided to expand the line (as well as its U.S. distribution), adding pleated pants, workshirts, bags, belts and even a mechanic-style jumpsuit. (Retails are $88-$450). “Because of my background, I am really drawn to classic American sportswear, but I am trying to make it feel more modern through the use of color, clean lines and fresh fabrics,” he says. “Everything is made in Los Angeles, and what I love best is just jumping in my car and heading over the factory or sitting down with the pattern-maker. It’s truly a hands-on business for me.”

MAGILL Los Angeles currently retails in the U.S. at Sault, Wittmore, Mettlers American Mercantile and a few stores in Japan.