Ones to watch: mobs

by Stephen Garner

mobsBorn from an inherent appreciation and fascination of shoes, MOBS designer, owner, and founder Alexandre Benaim was inspired to create a brand that marries utility and style after observing human migration patterns across different cultures.

“I was always fascinated by shoes, even as a child,” Benaim told MR. “After traveling all over the world, I was inspired to start MOBS from observing human migration patterns – particularly the Maasai tribe in Tanzania. I realized I didn’t have a quality, contemporary shoe that provided both comfort and wardrobe flexibility that allowed me to trek through urban landscapes. From there, MOBS was born.”

Centered around Mobility, Optimism, Beauty, and Soul, MOBS brings expressive, versatile design to the closets of the modern globe-trotter. With soles inspired by the tire-tread sandals of the aforementioned nomadic Maasai tribe in Tanzania, MOBS fosters exploration and discovery through cityscapes around the world.

Benaim notes that the Tread Moc and the Tread Boot are his top-selling styles due to the contemporary, versatile design that allows the wearer to remain comfortable throughout the day. The entire collection retails between $175-$245.

So what’s next for MOBS? “This fall, we’re launching the Grid Phase TR, a leather and knit sock boot, the Tread Maquis, a chic, leather high-top, and the Grid Alpine, a tall laced, mixed leather boot,” says Benaim. “Both styles are new to the MOBS fall 2018 collection. We’re also introducing a number of new colorways for our current styles.”