by Stephen Garner

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Oil/Lumber is a design firm focused on apparel, furniture, and home goods with the mission to create well-designed items that are constructed and sourced ethically, without comprising any aspect of the design process. The brand creates 99 percent of its product line in its Nashville studio on industrial sewing machines and in the neighboring metal/woodshop. Much of the design inspiration stems from founder Ethan Summers’ Japanese heritage, along with pieces that are made to move and grow with their owners throughout the years.

“Generally, most people are excited about our brand when they hear and see the story of how we are doing things the way we are,” says Summers. “Most customers find out we make the clothing from scratch and are super excited to see a brand focusing on the little things while controlling all aspects of the creative process. When they find out we also have a furniture/interior side of the brand, they are intrigued to know more. If you are a fan of design, fashion and interiors go hand-in-hand, and that’s where we separate ourselves from other brands. Our goal is to take our unique approach and blend it into our garments and furniture items.”

While the brand is only available locally in Nashville and on the brand’s website, Oil/Lumber is looking at potential opportunities to sell at a few boutiques in New York and Los Angeles, as well as Austin and Birmingham. Retail prices for the apparel ranges from $30 – $300 depending on the item.