by Stephen Garner

It all started during a search for the perfect leather jacket. In fact, The Jacket Maker was launched when co-founder and CEO Syed Obaid was out shopping with a few friends for a new coat.

“I was fed up with either choosing between fast-fashion or overpriced luxury,” Obaid tells MR. “On one side were luxury brands, which meant spending over $1,000; and, on the other side, was fast-fashion which meant buying a product that wouldn’t last for years to come. Where were the other options?”

After much digging and research, Obaid discovered the explanation for higher prices of leather outerwear – a long supply chain of distributors, wholesalers, retailers coupled with costly marketing campaigns. So, by starting The Jacket Maker, Obaid is cutting out the unnecessary expenses, designing and manufacturing in-house, selling directly to consumers, and utilizing just-in-time production to provide higher-quality leather jackets at a fraction of the market price.

Obaid notes that some of his brand’s top-selling jackets are the Dean, Noah, Sven, and Mr. Bailey. He attributes the brand’s early success to the use of fine raw materials, fair pricing, and size inclusivity – nothing that all of the brand’s jackets are offered in eight standard sizes from XS to 4X. A made-to-measure option is also available.

To note, The Jacket Maker’s ready-to-wear jackets range from $200 to $1,200. Full-grain leather jackets average around $250, while double face shearling jackets average around $1,000. The brand’s bespoke leather jackets’ base price starts at $350 and customization, material choice, pattern complexity, and other factors add to the base price.

For spring 2021, Obaid has some interesting plans within the biker jacket category. “We are experimenting with leather finishes like the Nappa finish as well as textured leather,” he says. “Another interesting component we are exploring is the fusion of leather with other fabrics like wool. 2021 is also likely to witness our biggest diversification to date–the launch of our first leather bags collection.”