by Stephen Garner

HeirloomHaving launched exclusively online in July, footwear brand Heirloom is already finding its place within the market.

Founded by the brand’s creative director Scott Burr, the collection cites Native American culture (Burr is of Choctaw Indian decent), as well as military and vintage Americana influences. Key styles include the Morrison jogger, Tomahawk moccasin, and Tatanka boot, with retails from $295 to $495.

“Since launching our website, the brand is continuing to grow and gain exposure,” Burr told MR. “We’ve received and continue to receive great feedback.”

Burr attributes the birth of Heirloom’s spirit and ideas to a trip to the American Southwest during his teens. Returning from his trip with stories of the rich piñon scents and paintbrush landscapes, Burr was inspired to explore the history of his nation more deeply. Looking into his past, he found that his grandfather had served in WWI as a fighter pilot.

Enthralled by the innovation of military textiles and the borrowed traditions of Native American construction, Burr dreamt of a brand that would pay homage to the ancestral traditions of indigenous American tribes, while marrying the materials and innovation of the modern technological era.

So what’s next for this budding footwear brand? “For spring, we have two additional silhouettes in the pipeline that we are working diligently to finish,” added Burr, “and of course we will be refreshing our color palette for existing models.”