by Stephen Garner


Mitchell EvanMitchell EvanMitchell EvanMitchell Evan
Mitchell Evan Sandler could be called a military buff. From a young age, this film producer-turned-designer from Norfolk, Virginia was always fascinated with his grandfather’s service in WWII and the items he had brought back with him.

So it’s not surprising that Sandler teamed up with his college friend Jenny De La Rosa, formerly of Vanity Fair, to help launch a project he always wanted to create: a luxury military-inspired menswear collection called Mitchell Evan. Now in its second season, the collection is full of quality basics and exquisite outerwear, all with a pronounced American military aesthetic. (Retails are $200 to $900.)

All of Sandler’s collection is produced in Los Angeles, with fabrics being sourced from American, Japanese or Italian mills. “I like to use fabrics with some sort of performance property or unique texture to them” says Sandler. “Since I keep my color palette pretty minimal, I want the garments to stand out through their fabrics. Whether it’s a new speckle technique coming out of Japan or a recycled WWII tent from the U.S., the fabrics need to stand out.”

And stand out they do, which is why many specialty stores are showing interest. “I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from the most recent MRket trade shows in New York and Las Vegas,” says Sandler. “Right now, my horse blinders are on and I’m focusing on refining my collection and marketing ideas to ensure success going forward.