Mocha salt
by Stephen Garner

Mocha saltSince launching in 2015, Australian swimwear label Mocha Salt has managed to go beyond swimwear to inspire a cult following across Europe and the U.S., with distribution and influence throughout over 35 countries worldwide.

The brand was originally founded with the intention to push the boundaries of men’s swimwear a little further by applying advanced technical fabrics and performance innovations to traditional tailoring and craftsmanship. “Women look amazing by the pool, wearing stylish swimwear and beachwear, while men are often lost inside enormous amounts of fabric that make no sense,” said designer and founder Rik van Donk. “It’s not stylish and it’s not practical; the amount of fabric flapping about and weighing down with water just makes it very uncomfortable.”

As a result, van Donk went to work to develop a shorter pair of swim shorts, perfect for wearing both in and out of the water; fitted enough to look good on a wide variety of body types; and made of a slightly more robust material than other swimwear. While the brand’s printed swim shorts sell really well, says Van Donk, there are also great tees and linen shorts. (Retail prices for the line range from $69-$129.)

As for what’s next, van Donk says: “Each season builds on the previous collection and takes it in a new direction, so the line always feels fresh.”