by Brian Lipton

Ones-to-Watch-We-NorwegiansWE NORWEGIANSIn a world of here-today, gone-tomorrow brands, Tove Grane wants to ensure that her first foray into her own line will be around for years, if not decades. So her approach for every piece in her collection for We Norwegians is anything but disposable.

“I really like the idea of creating a garment the same way an architect or industrial designer might work,” says Grane, who began the line in 2014. “I want to use good materials, I want to make it functional and I want it to stand the test of time.”

Intriguingly, whether it’s a short-sleeve summer woven or a scarf, every piece in the collection is made from premium merino wool from Italy and can be worn all year round. “There are qualities that you might not think of with wool. But once you touch these clothes, you realize they are not just contemporary and comfortable, but they also contain all the good stuff ‘traditional’ wool garments have,” she notes.

Grane usually adds two or three new colors every season, along with some new patterns; but that doesn’t mean you should replace what you already own. ”I have always loved basic garments that you can wear and style in different ways season after season,” she says.

So it’s hardly surprising to Grane that the brand is already taking off in America. “Norwegians are both practical and active people, and I feel we are more similar to Americans in that way than some of our fellow Europeans,” she says.