by Stephen Garner

boohoomanFollowing the widespread success of its standalone site, mainline range and newly introduced boy’s category, global online fashion retailer BoohooMAN has announced the launch of its new Big & Tall business.

The collection itself is a full extension of the brands mainline range with all key styles and best sellers replicated throughout. Longline t-shirts, MA1 bomber jackets, denim, formal wear, accessories and most recently the MAN logo tees have all had their sizes extended to cater for the larger guy.

BoohooMAN wanted to create a diverse, trend led range of clothing for Big & Tall and not just simple, standard styles. “We want our customer, no matter their size to feel like they are at the forefront of our mind when it comes to style and design,” a company spokesperson said. “You shouldn’t be excluded from certain product lines based on your size so we have made sure we have created a range that is inclusive.”

With prices starting at £6 ($8) and sizes ranging from L to XXXXL and waist sizes ranging from 30 to 46, BoohooMAN is now able to cater and provide a wide variety of extremely affordable fashion for men of all shapes and sizes.