Only in Vegas

by Karen Alberg Grossman

It was the end of day two and I was pretty wiped out after trekking through miles and miles of aisles and aisles of fabulous fashion at MAGIC, Exclusive, and Project. So we’re at the Randa Manicures & Martinis party where, for the first time after all these years of partying with the Spiegels and doing nothing but drinking, schmoozing and taking photos, I actually got both a manicure and two massages, all while drinking martinis. (I’ve always been good at multi-tasking….)

So there I am letting my nails dry, feeling incredibly relaxed after both a foot massage and a neck massage, when the circle of people I’m sitting with breaks into a joke-telling session. Competing for the Rodney Dangerfield award, Jack Jay, Arnie Karr, Stu Nifoussi and several other aspiring comedians had us all laughing to the point of tears. (Ask me the one about “the father of one of my kids….”)

Then we’re on our way home and our taxi driver, a rather attractive college-educated young woman from Turkey who’s trying to improve her English so she can become a stand-up comic, starts telling us jokes (one of which we had just heard in our session). She wisely saved her best for last so she could take her hands off the steering wheel, blow into a plastic bag, and proudly demonstrate her mastery of a certain sexual act “to go” (apparently not quite realizing the impact of her choice of words…).

It was the perfect ending to a wonderful night of laughter. Only in Las Vegas!