by Stephen Garner

Outerknown has opened its first brick-and-mortar store. Located on the border of the South Bay surf community in Manhattan Beach, CA, the brand couldn’t be more excited to bring an experiential extension of the brand to life.

“When I started Outerknown four years ago, I wanted people to think about what they were putting on their bodies and how that product was made,” said Kelly Slater, professional surfer and co-founder of Outerknown. “We’ve grown so much in that time and opening a store is the next step in furthering our mission. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been able to create.”

The 1,600 square-foot space at 850 South Pacific Coast Highway in The Point shopping center in El Segundo, CA features the brand’s core items like S.E.A. Jeans, Blanket Shirts, and women’s jumpsuits merchandised in story-telling vignettes where guests can discover the story behind each style’s design inspiration and sustainable innovation.

For its first-ever store, the brand chose to work with close friends and local craftsman over agencies and large design firms, to help bring their vision to life. The interior infrastructure mimics the brand’s clothing design ethos. Décor and fixtures are purposely made from natural, organic, or recycled materials, leveraging wood joinery in place of harmful adhesives, glues, or binders. The red oak decking underneath a full structural canopy gives the illusion of standing outdoors while being indoors – a nod to the brand’s hashtag and motto #FindYourOuterknown which encourages fans and followers to get outside and pursue an adventurous, nomadic lifestyle.

“We’re loving the fact that our product stories and responsible innovation can really shine in this space,” added John Moore, co-founder and creative director of Outerknown. “The space will always evolve, just like our monthly drops, and we’ll be planning many reasons to celebrate with the local community.”

The brand plans to tap into the existing local community and host various events where enthusiasts, near and far, can gather after morning surf sessions, meet to learn about how the apparel industry is impacting the planet we call home, and just plain hang out. The Outerknown HQ studio located in Culver City, a mere 20 minutes away, gives employees the opportunity to spend more time getting to know their customers and fans on the floor of the store. The brand is excited to share the lively outdoor shopping space with tasty eateries and other innovative brands.

“We wanted to create a physical manifestation of the brand that would allow customers to touch, feel and try on our product,” said CEO Mark Walker. “We’re excited to open our doors and be able to share our mission with the Los Angeles community.”