Ovadia and Sons Bruce Lee
by Stephen Garner

Ovadia & Sons has joined forces with the Bruce Lee estate to create a six-piece capsule collection that pays tribute to Lee, the martial arts school he founded (Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute), and his art of Jeet Kune Do.

Throughout the capsule collection, the Ovadias have incorporated yellow, red, black, and white colors that are seen consistently seen throughout the spring/summer 2019 collection. Together the pieces successfully illustrate Lee’s dynamic range of skills, featuring action shots that capture his remarkable talent and the newly inspired design of “Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do,” that pays tribute to his philosophy and martial arts.

“We’ve been huge fans of Bruce Lee since we were seven years old,” said Ariel and Shimon Ovadia. “After our uncle introduced us to his films, we enrolled in martial arts classes and had Bruce Lee posters all over our bedroom walls. Aside from that, he was also a pretty stylish guy.”

Pieces range in price from $160 for the Bruce Lee T-shirt, to $170 for the Bruce Lee long sleeve T-shirt, and $290 for the Bruce Lee hoodie.

Ovadia and Sons Bruce Lee

After first discovering the martial artist at age seven, Lee’s talent and personal style were instrumental to the Ovadia brothers and served as an influential figure in Ariel and Shimon’s lives. As children the Ovadias were greatly influenced by martial arts wear, often sporting black belts and traditional martial arts footwear, as well as enrolling in karate lessons.

“I am always so appreciative when people we collaborate with have a real, human connection and love for my father,” added Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee and CEO of Bruce Lee Enterprises. “The Ovadia & Sons capsule is quality meeting style, just like my father did in life! I love it.”

The capsule collection will be available for purchase on March 29 exclusively at Barney’s New York and on Ovadiaandsons.com.