Pablo Picasso Is The Unheralded King Of Summer Style

Pablo Picasso was a genius—at having a great summer. If you’re in pursuit of a big late-summer reading project, I recommend digging into John Richardson’s masterful biographies of Picasso and Francoise Gilot’s memoir of her life with the artist, which reveal the scope of Picasso’s, shall we say, complicated legacy. (He once cut fellow cubist Georges Braque out of his life because he didn’t offer Picasso and Gilot lunch during a studio visit.) If you’re in pursuit of a big late-summer dressing project, I recommend digging into Picasso’s closet. History, by which I mean comic strips, has reduced Picasso’s wardrobe achievements to the Petit Bateau striped shirt, but much like the man’s life and work, Picasso’s summer wardrobe takes on new qualities with closer study. And to paraphrase the man himself, great dressers steal. Read more at GQ.