by Christopher Blomquist

California-based teen and young adult multibrand retailer Pacsun has just released its first gender-neutral perfume, Pacsun for All Fragrance.

The new scent aims to further the company’s focus on fostering inclusivity among its customer base. It has previously introduced Colour Range, its first fully dedicated gender-neutral and sustainable clothing brand, hosted a Gender-Neutral Design Competition together with The Fashion Scholarship Fund and debuted Pacsun Kids label with a full range of gender-neutral pieces.

“At Pacsun, we understand the importance of defying stereotypes through our product offerings to truly allow our customers to express their identity and personality,” said Brie Olson, President of Pacsun, in a statement. “Similar to style, scent is extremely personal, and we wanted to go beyond the binary to develop an all-inclusive fragrance fitting for everyone.”

“Over 50% of our core consumers, Gen Z, are said to shop outside of their assigned gender,” added Alfred Chang, Co-CEO of Pacsun. “Our gender-neutral clothing collections have been extremely well-received, and we knew it was time to evolve our fragrance category too and think outside the traditional gender lines.”

The fragrance combines whiffs of bergamot, grapefruit, nutmeg, amber wood and leather.

A virtual reality video available on the Pacsun site, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok is the centerpiece of the launch campaign. It will also be emailed to PacSun customers.

A 1.7 fluid oz. bottle of Pacsun For All is priced at $22 and is available at the 41-year-old’s brand’s approximately 400 physical retail locations and its online store.