by Stephen Garner
PacSun Downtown Los Angeles

PacSun has opened two landmark stores, one in Los Angeles and the other in New York City. Each retail space will channel the energy, history, and native talent of its locale.

The recently opened 5,000 square-foot L.A. store is a part of Downtown L.A.’s ongoing renaissance. New York’s 8,000 square-foot boutique will be located in a historic SoHo storefront, slated to open on March 19th.

Besides selling exclusive PacSun collaborations – including upcoming lines with Playboy and Fear Of God Essentials – these stores will have a dedicated “White Space” for a revolving flow of pop-up shops, workshops, performances, panels, and exhibits that brands and influencers will curate on a bi-monthly basis. Interactive video screens will search and showcase PacSun’s many collections, while the Los Angeles location features a dedicated denim room with 40 different denim styles.

PacSun Downtown Los Angeles

“While the evolving retail environment dictates many brands to reduce the number of their physical locations, it is equally as important for PacSun to invest in new physical spaces to give our customers the experiences that they want from the brand,” said Alfred Chang, president of PacSun. “Our customers are young and informed. Of course, digital connection is critical for our shoppers, but above convenience, PacSun fans crave community, and they use personal style and real-life experiences to help create theirs.  We will continue to invest in strategic physical spaces – as well as innovations within the digital space – to provide our customers the forum for that community.  Our aim is to bring the best of PacSun and the most exciting global trends and brands together in our landmark stores and digital platforms.”

“SoHo NY and Downtown L.A. are epicenters of fashion and art,” added Brie Olson, chief merchandising officer. “We want to honor each city’s energy by bringing the best of PacSun’s design, exclusive offerings, and creative experiences straight to the source.”