Pandemic Rebounds: 5 Retailers That Bounced Back In 2021

After a devastating 2020 tainted by store closures and financial uncertainty, several retailers were more than ready to make headway this year. The pandemic exposed and exacerbated several retailers’ weaknesses. For much of last year, retailers were having to play catch-up with consumers’ shifting shopping habits, sales declines, and for nonessential retailers, store closures. That said, Retail Dive tracked 30 major retail bankruptcies in 2020. Any decision retailers made recently has been critical — those that can’t boost their revenue may end up on the bankruptcy list. It turns out many adapted and thrived as retailers adjusted their strategies, the economy reopened and in-store traffic somewhat returned. In fact, compared to last year’s 30, only eight major retailers have filed for Chapter 11 this year. Read more at Retail Dive.