by John Russel Jones

Pangaia is partnering with Research, Design Development, (RDD), the laboratory company of Portuguese textile group, Valérius to codevelop new materials science innovations and connect fashion brands to breakthrough technologies. RDD’s team of scientists combined with Pangaia’s in-house team of scientists, fabric technologists, and impact specialists create a new model that builds on a foundation of production expertise while allowing for fluidity in research. Within a single facility, research is underway in a variety of breakthrough innovations from biology-based dye reactors, alongside research into new fabrics blends, and long-term research on new fiber innovations. The RDD fabric mill and research facility provides integrated solutions for the fashion supply chain and creates jersey fabrics, knits and apparel for global fashion brands. 

Today Pangaia announces its latest innovation, The Reclaim Capsule, which was developed and manufactured at RDD. The collection features Pangaia’s iconic sweatshirts and sweatpants made from textile waste, giving unused material a second life. The process takes production offcuts from Pangaia tracksuits that are mechanically recycled and spun with organic cotton to create a new yarn. The resulting fabric has a unique color from the blend of reused fabrics. Pangaia is now able to utilize its own waste stream, divert textile waste from landfills, and work toward closing the loop in circularity. The unisex capsule is only available on and ranges from $55-$150. 

Pangaia and RDD previously worked together to launch other innovations within Pangaia’s portfolio, including PLNTFiberTM, FRUTFiberTM, and C-FiberTM. Pangaia forged the relationship with RDD and Colorfix as the first partner in the world to scale the biology-based dyes for commercial production.