by Stephen Garner
Project 40
(L-R) Tomas Alonso, Jean Lee and Dylan Davis of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Zhoujie Zhang

Luxury sportswear brand Paul & Shark is celebrating 40 years of success this year with a collaboration with international design magazine Wallpaper* to introduce the brand’s new concept Project 40.

Paul & Shark has selected three world-class designers, Zhang Zhoujie, Ladies & Gentlemen and Tomas Alonso, to reinterpret the historic metal “can” and “suitcase” packaging in which the first Paul & Shark water-repellent Royal Navy-inspired woolen sweaters were sold.

The first project, by Zhang Zhoujie, consists of a suitcase designed with minimalist, contemporary lines. Zhoujie drew inspiration from the waves of the sea, creating the packaging using sheets of metal with a digital mesh graphic that were then bent and corrugated by hand in order to achieve an unpredictable result.

American duo Jean Lee and Dylan Davis of Ladies & Gentlemen has reinvented the classic Paul & Shark suitcase with a designer object that contains an “after use”: special packaging for the brand’s iconic sweater that, once empty, becomes an elegant LED lamp.

The design by Tomas Alonso is a new take on “green” packaging and carries an important message relating to the worlds of water and sustainability. This triangular packaging is made from recycled plastic waste recovered from the seabed. The product therefore marries the worlds of fashion and design with environmental awareness and is linked to the direction the brand has taken with its autumn/winter 16/17 collection which features garments such as the eco-cashmere sweater and the eco-down jacket, an environmentally-friendly alternative to real goose down that still guarantees the same quality and performance.

The three special packaging designs celebrating Paul & Shark’s 40th anniversary will be limited-editions and sold in the brand’s stores around the world.

Paul & Shark Project 40