Paul Stuart Remodel
by Stephen Garner

Iconic New York City retailer Paul Stuart has rolled out a new customization experience for clients who desire a more opening price point before diving into its more premium product.

For over 80 years, the company has been known around the world for its exceptional tailoring and luxurious materials. Now, that same obsession with fine fit and style is available to men without the typical wait time or price tag.

Dubbed customLAB, this entirely new made-to-measure experience works in collaboration with the finest fabric mills and cutting-edge ateliers around the world to deliver extraordinary tailored clothing, shirts, and ties to a customer’s fit and specification within four weeks. Suits will feature both a full and half canvas construction. Tuxedos will be available with both grosgrain and satin lapels. The collection will range in price from $695 for a sportcoat to $995 for a suit. Custom shirts are also available in Thomas Mason fabrics, ranging in price from $195 to $395.

The customLAB provides an entirely new experience for men who appreciate good design and superb quality in their clothing choices. Fabrics include wool, linen, and silk in varying weights sourced from English and Italian mills including Loro Piana, Solbiati and Vitale Barberis. The customLAB collection has its own shop in the retailer’s New York City Madison Avenue flagship store, and will eventually expand to its Chicago and D.C. stores.

The only company in New York with more than 20 tailors on-site, each customLAB style will feature made-to-measure tailoring, fabric customization, and quick delivery. “This is a bold and innovative step forward for Paul Stuart,” says CEO Paulette Garafalo. “The customLAB will add a new kind of personalized experience to our already exceptional reputation for service. It has everything today’s consumer wants: customization, modern styling, a 4-week turnaround, and great prices.”

“I like to call our style ‘American Sartorial’ which means a little bit of Savile Row, a dash of Old Hollywood, and a certain New York assertiveness for the guy who is the best-dressed man wherever he goes,” adds Ralph Auriemma, creative director at Paul Stuart. “The new customLAB collection gives our customers a way to meet the brand at the beginning of their sartorial journey.”


  1. Yes exactly…why leave out the biggest question in the article?

    Where is the source of manufacturing of the custom program?

  2. Does it really matter where it is made? I grew up in a family that manufactured tailored clothing – I was trained as a tailor ( not very successfully) and despite my career taking me into healthcare I was close to the industry. Times have changed – where we once thought that the craftsmanship and hand work made the suit – we were wrong. One needs only to look to products like Suitsupply to understand that engineered clothing fits and the value is there.
    It’s like a watch…….If you want some style and tell time there are hundreds of choices that perform all the functions of the most expensive mechanical watches available in quartz and under $500 – if you have a facination for complex, luxury miniature machines you buy a Patek.
    Paul Stuart is no longer in the family – they have investors they are obligated to. To scream foul is nonsense. It reminds me when Porsche first made a SUV – all the faithful screamed – now it outsells all other Porsche’s products combined.

    1. Sorry, but the very best make and quality in anything comes from certain countries. Be it a car, watch or a piece of clothing. You have your point of view and I have mine. Sadly, investors and venture capitalist’s have not done our industry any favors either. But that is a whole other story.
      As you said, the Porsche SUV may outsell all of the other cars they make, but it is still a Porsche. Right!

      1. Greg, it is patently false that the very best make and quality in anything (the finished products you referred to, i.e. a car, watch, or a piece of clothing) comes from certain countries and it’s not a point of view you revealed, but sheer ignorance of what goes into those things you profess to adore. The very best make and quality today comes from a number of countries in the same way a suit tailored on Savile Row is likely using wool from Australia that was milled in China before finding its way to the UK while those selvedge denim jeans you lust over were made from American cotton that found its way to a loom in Osaka, but were cut and sewn in Vietnam.

        Oh, and that Porsche you’re fawning over? It’s a Volkswagen… made with Chinese and Japanese parts processed in a Korean plant and assembled in whichever country you live in to save on taxes.

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